Top Tips to Succeed with your CPCS Training

CPCS Training gives you the training you need to qualify for your CPCS card. This brief guide will show you how to make the most of the training.

CPCS Training Course

The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS Training) is a registration card scheme used across the UK’s construction industry, and trusted by employers to ensure that plant operators have the skills, practical competence and safety training necessary to operate heavy equipment on the worksite.

The CPCS training course gives you all the training and materials you will need to learn these skills, and is followed by the test itself. Nothing more than successful completion of the course and test are required to apply for your CPCS card.

What to Expect From the CPCS Course

A Valid CSCS Test is required to attend CPCS Training

Before you can take the CPCS Course or test, you’ll need to have successfully completed the CSCS Health, Safety and Environment test within the last two years.

You will receive study materials when you book CPCS Training.

When you book the course, you will receive documentation which will help you pass the Theory part of the training. You should not need any additional study aids or books to complete the training.

If you book in advance you will have more time to revise

Many people worry about the theory section of the CPCS Course. You really will learn everything you need in the course, but if you’d feel better with some extra time to revise, just book your course and test early. You’ll get the study materials in advance.

Can I get the test questions online?

Not really, but you can do your own research. The questions were written using publicly available data, including online manuals for your plant type, the manufacturer’s website, and the best practices information released by organisations like CPA. The Health and Safety Executive is another excellent resource.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to do it all on your own. Your CPCS Training instructor will explain everything, and give you all the information you need to pass the test.

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Why do you need to take a CPCS Hoist Course?

The Construction Plant Competence scheme (CPCS) works with the CITB to ensure that plant operators have the training and experience they need to operate safely and competently. This competence is demonstrated by displaying your CPCS Card.

The thing is, these can be very expensive certifications to get. Most of those seeking them are sponsored by their employers, who are typically happy to spend the thousands of pounds required to ensure that their employers have all of the training they need – after all, the plants themselves can easily run to six figures and the lives of their workers are priceless (unless you are an insurance adjuster). However, many self-employed contractors struggle to support this kind of training. Still, having the right certification can make you much more employable, and is generally considered the right career move, even for the self-employed.

First, make sure you have all the prerequisites

For example, you must have passed your CITB Construction Skills Health and Safety Test within the last two years to gain any kind of CPCS certification. Luckily this is a simply touch-screen test, and training for it is both inexpensive and easy to find.

Next, determine the right certification to seek

We’re only talking about Hoist certification here, but if you don’t know what category you need, you might not actually be ready for CPCS certification at all. Do a little research, and make sure this is really what you need. Luckily the Hoists certification path is perhaps the least confusing as there is only one type of certification, and a single class will get you all four major endorsements within it.

Now, what is your level of competence?

Are you a total Novice, an Experienced Worker, or somewhere in between? Anyone who has passed the HSE test can be a novice, but only those with 2 years’ experience actually operating a hoist can qualify as an Experienced Worker.

CPCS Training or Assessment?

You can take the CPCS A20 Hoist Training course offered at either experience level, or you can dive right in and seek an NVQ assessment if you are quite confident in your abilities.

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5 Things your Boss Wont Let You Do with a Digger

Whether because it was dangerous, a waste of time or just plain stupid, you boss would never let you get away with this. Still, you know you want to watch.


Whether because it was dangerous, a waste of time or just plain stupid, you boss would never let you get away with this. Still, you know you want to watch.

Getting your digger onto the back of the truck

Showing off your fine control by placing a golf ball on an egg cup

Treating your friends and family to some swimming pool activities

Seeking thrills with your on-site swing ride

Using a mini-digger as a roundabout

Make sure you use a digger responsibly by taking a Plant Operations CPCS course and recommend your colleagues to do the same! Call us today and we can book you in a training centre nearby.

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