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What is a CPCS Card?

CPCS stands for the Construction Plant Competence Scheme. Specifically, it demonstrates that the operator is properly trained and competent to undertake all the tasks associated with his role within UK’s construction industry.

The CPCS card is the main standard for the majority of plant operators in the UK. The cardholder has undergone the necessary official training to ensure that his actions abide by the national safety regulations.

The CPCS scheme covers a large net of best practices and concepts, proving that the operator is well-trained on:

  • HS&E Awareness: The operator is able to identify and avoid potential hazards
  • Proper Training: The individual has undergone training for each specific equipment he operates
  • A mix of classroom theory and onsite practical exercises
  • Theoretical and practical tests

What Types of CPCS Card are there?

Currently, there are two types of CPCS Cards:

Trained Operator Card - Red

The trained operator (Red) card is a two year card which shows that the cardholder is properly trained on the selected equipment type and has passed the CPCS theoretical and practical tests as well as the CITB HS&E test.

Competent Operator Card - Blue

The competent operator (Blue) card is a five year card that is renewable. The card demonstrates that the operator has achieved a SVQ or NVQ, with the appropriate units relevant to the category.

How can I qualify for a CPCS card?

The first step should be to quality for the Red card. In order to do so, you are required to take the relevant course and pass the appropriate tests at the end of said course. Feel free to browse the CPCS courses we provide:

In order to obtain a Competent Operator (Blue) you must achieve a SVQ or NVQ, with the appropriate units relevant to the category and pass the relevant CITB Health, safety and environment tests. Adding further endorsements and additional plant categories to your Blue card is also available.

How long is a CPCS Card valid for?

The trained operator (Red) card has no expiration date, but the validation period for each machinery category is two years. In order to advance to a Blue card, you have to take the appropriate NVQ or SVQ within that two year period. In case you fail to achieve the NVQ or SVQ, the deadline can be extended by another one or two year depending on the circumstances.

The competent operator (Blue) card is valid for five years. You are able to renew the card after you pass the renewal test.

How long will it take to receive a CPCS Card?

It will take around 15 working days from the moment you send all the necessary documentation and certification evidence until you receive your CPCS card.

What do I do if I lose my card?

In case you lose or misplace your CPCS card you need to call 0844 815 7274. They will issue a duplicate replacement card provided that your original card is still valid. There will be no need to take any additional tests. The replacement card will be valid until the date your original card would expire.

How do I renew my card?

All you have to do is call 0844 815 7274 and they will provide you with all the necessary details in order to renew your card.

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