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  • Pass your CSCS Test first time
  • Revise the way that works for you
  • 90% pass rate with revision
  • 40% pass rate without revision
  • Official CSCS revision material
  • Book and DVD ROM available
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CSCS Revision Material

Before sitting your CSCS Test it is important to take some time to brush up on the sort of questions and answers you will be asked.

By far the best way to do this is to use the official CSCS revision material which you can order when you book a CSCS Test.

We have both the CSCS revision book and DVD ROM available.

Do I really need to get CSCS revision material?

Whether or not you get CSCS revision material is of course entirely up to you but we have found that 60% of candidates fail their CSCS Test when they do not use revision material beforehand and that 90% of candidates who do study with CSCS revision material pass.

What type of CSCS revision material should I get?

CSCS Revision BookCSCS Revision Book
The CSCS revision book contains all of the questions that you could possibly be asked during your CSCS Test.

Many candidates find the CSCS DVD ROM especially useful as it allows them to get used to the look and feel of the CSCS Test.

How do I order my CSCS revision material?

You can order your CSCS revision material when you are booking your CSCS Test.

CSCS Revision MaterialIf you have already booked your CSCS Test and would like to order revision material then please call our team on 0203 051 1004.

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