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Where can I take the CSCS Test?

CSCS TestThe CSCS Test is done on touch screen computers in one of over 300 CSCS test centres around the UK.

There are a large number of CSCS Test centres across Britain so it is unlikely you will have to travel far to take your test and qualify for your CSCS Card.

How can I prepare for the CSCS Test?

CSCS Revision MaterialBefore sitting any test it is a good idea to prepare yourself and the same goes for the CSCS Test.

We offer the official CSCS revision material in both book form and on DVD ROM. You can order the CSCS revision material you require during the booking process.

Booking your CSCS Test

Booking your CSCS TestBooking your CSCS Test takes only a few minutes and can be done either online or by phone.

To book your CSCS Test online simply fill out the form at the top of this page and to book by phone please call free on 0800 012 4125 or 0203 051 1004 if you are on a mobile.

CSCS Test group booking

CSCS Test Group BookingSAVE when you book a group of 3 or more people for a CSCS Test. Please use our group booking form and book at a discounted price.

Types of CSCS Test

Operative CSCS Test

This is the CSCS Test that most workers will take, including labourers, carpenters and bricklayers.

Working at Heights CSCS Test

Designed specifically for workers who work at significant height above the ground.

Supervisor CSCS Test

This CSCS Test is for individuals in a supervisory role.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning CSCS Test

Also known as the HVAC CSCS Test, this should be taken by HVAC workers.

Pipe Fitting and Welding CSCS Test

For individuals working as pipe fitters or welders.

National Demolition Training Group CSCS Test

This CSCS Test is for demolition workers.

Managerial and Professional CSCS Test

Also known as the MAP CSCS Test this is for individuals in a managerial or Professionally Qualified Person role.

Lift and Escalator CSCS Test

For workers who fit, repair or install lifts or escalators.

Highways CSCS Test

Designed to prepare workers for the hazards of working on roads with fast moving traffic.

Ductwork CSCS Test

This CSCS Test should be taken by workers who supply ventilation for air conditioning and heating units.

Apply for a CSCS Test & CSCS Card Online

To apply by phone or for more information call us free on 0800 012 4125 or 0203 051 1004 if you are on a mobile, Mon-Fri between 8am to 6pm or you can request a call back.

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