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Getting Started on a Construction NVQ with an Apprenticeship

Construction NVQA construction NVQ is open to anyone in the profession and is a useful qualification to have. Apart from being a requirement for certain types of CSCS card, a construction NVQ at a particular level will indicate the knowledge and experience you have.

Construction NVQ Levels

If you’re just starting out in the profession, you’ll generally begin at the lower levels of the Construction NVQ structure and work your way up to a level that is appropriate for your role.

An apprenticeship is open to anyone over the age of 16 and so you can apply for one if you’re a school leaver, currently unemployed or are a more mature employee and you’re wanting to gain additional skills. Some colleges have partnerships with employers and so can arrange a placement.

Gaining qualifications through an apprenticeship has advantages over other methods.

You will be paid while you’re earning, even if it’s only the apprentice minimum wage when you’re under 19 or the national minimum wage when you’re older or after the first year. The rates might not be high but they’re better than nothing and will be paid whether you’re working or training. Additionally, your employer may pay all your tuition fee and you’ll also qualify for paid holidays.

Construction NVQ Outcome

Construction NVQAn apprenticeship will provide on the job training as well as theoretical knowledge. College learning may be classroom based or could be based in a workshop and will be combined with what you learn at work. You’ll have the support of a mentor and the use of college facilities.

Depending on what you’re taking, the apprenticeship can be completed in anything from one to four years. At the end of that time, you’ll have a nationally recognised qualification. This will generally be a construction NVQ at level 2 if you’re doing an intermediate type of apprenticeship or may be a construction level 3 NVQ for an advanced level.

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