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The CISRS Card Explained

CISRS CardsThe CISRS card, or the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme card, is an Affiliate to the CSCS card scheme and is designed for construction workers employed in the scaffolding industry.

The CISRS card is the industry recognised card scheme for Scaffolders and it comes with all the same benefits as a CSCS card and holds equal significance within the construction industry.

The CISRS card scheme assesses the competence of an individual working in the scaffolding sector by recognising the skills they have gained through a combination of training and on site experience. The type of CISRS card a candidate is eligible for will depend upon their occupation, qualifications and experience.

As with all CSCS cards and Affiliate card schemes, all candidates will be required to sit the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test. A CISRS card applicant is most likely to undertake the CSCS Working at Height Health, Safety & Environment Test.

Different Types of CISRS Cards

The CISRS card scheme has several different types of card available and these cards cover all the experience levels in scaffolding and scaffold related occupations.

The CISRS cards that are currently available are:

• CISRS Trainee Card
• CISRS Labourer Card
• CISRS Scaffolder Card
• CISRS Advanced Scaffolder Card
• CISRS Supervisor Card

CISRS Card Requirements

Essentially to obtain a CISRS Card candidates will need to hold a construction NVQ relating to Scaffolding or be studying toward one, candidates will also need to undertake the relevant CISRS training course, sit the relevant CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test and possess an adequate level of on site experience.

Red CISRS Card CISRS Trainee Card – the CISRS Trainee card is designed for individuals who are new entrants to the scaffolding sector. The initial Trainee card is valid for 18 months and during this time candidates must commence their construction training by enrolling upon a construction NVQ level 2 in Access and Rigging Operations and they must complete the first part of their CISRS training course.

Candidates wishing to acquire the trainee card will also be required to sit the CSCS Health, Safety and Environment Test and complete an application form which is endorsed by their construction employer. On completion of these pre-requisites the candidate will be permitted to apply for a second Trainee card that is valid for a further 18 months. During this time candidates will be expected to complete their construction NVQ and the second part of their CISRS Training Course. At the end of the 18 months if all requirements have been met the candidate can apply for one of the full, renewable CISRS cards.

Green CISRS CardCISRS Labourer Card – the CISRS Labourer card is designed for site workers who assist with scaffolding procedures but do not actually undertake the erection and dismantling of scaffolding. Possession of a CISRS Labourer card will allow scaffold related labourers access to all sites that require a carded workforce.

Candidates wishing to apply for the CISRS Labourer card must sit the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test and complete an application form that is endorsed by their construction employer. The CISRS Labourer card is valid for 5 years and is renewable upon application

Blue CISRS CardCISRS Scaffolder Card – the CISRS Scaffolder Card is designed for fully qualified workers who have adequate experience in the scaffolding sector. To obtain the CISRS Scaffolder card candidates must possess a construction NVQ Level 2 in Access and Rigging Operations and must have completed the CISRS Training Course.

In addition, the candidate must have passed the CSCS (Working at Height) Health, Safety & Environment Test. The CISRS Scaffolder card is valid for 5 years and is renewable upon application

Gold CISRS CardCISRS Advanced Scaffolder Card – to obtain the CISRS Advanced Scaffolder card the candidate must have held the CISRS Scaffolder card for at least 12 months. In addition the candidate must also complete a construction NVQ Level 3 in Access and Rigging Operations, attend the CISRS Advanced Training Course and sit the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test.

CISRS Supervisor Card – to qualify for the CISRS Supervisor card candidates must have held the CISRS Scaffolder card for 12 months and the CISRS Advanced Scaffolder card for a further 12 months. They must also hold a Level 2 NVQ and Level 3 NVQ in Access and Rigging Operations and have completed both the CISRS Training Course and the CISRS Advanced Training Course. In addition to the above the candidate must also undertake the CISRS Supervisory Course and sit the CSCS Supervisor Health, Safety & Environment Test.

Other Helpful CISRS Information

• All applicants wishing to apply for the CISRS card (apart from those wishing to obtain the CISRS Labourer card) will need to undertake one of the CISRS Training Courses. These courses are designed to provide candidates with the required level of training and experience in scaffolding and they are available at three levels; Scaffolding Operative, Scaffolding Management and Supervisory, and Scaffold Inspector.

• CISRS Trainee cardholders cannot work alone on site and must be supervised by or working alongside a fully qualified scaffolder; i.e. a worker who possesses a CISRS Scaffolder card, CISRS Advanced Scaffolder card or a CISRS Supervisor card.

• CISRS Advanced Scaffolder cardholders will only be needed to work on sites/jobs that require scaffolding work of an advanced nature.

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