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Using the Construction NVQ to Get to the Top

Construction NVQHaving an NVQ at any level proves you have taken the time to gain knowledge and demonstrates the level of knowledge you have obtained. A Construction NVQ will also determine the type of CSCS card you can receive, which will show your role and competence.

This will in turn indicate the type of job you are qualified to do and ultimately will determine how far you can advance in the profession. Clearly, therefore, it is in your interest to obtain as high an NVQ level as you can do since this will have a direct influence on how far you rise in the profession and what you can earn.

Five Construction NVQ Levels

The Construction NVQ structure comprises five levels and you can start at the bottom and work your way up through them until you reach the highest level of NVQ competence. Each Construction NVQ level can take several months to complete and the whole an NVQ process can take several years. However, the practical rewards are worth the time and effort so you should aim to get as far as possible to get the NVQ that’s necessary for the job you do.

Blue CSCS CardA level 1 Construction NVQ is aimed at unskilled workers and denotes competence in activities that are routine and predictable. Attaining Level 2 NVQ in construction will indicate craft knowledge and is intended for skilled workers.

Those at this NVQ level are expected to be able to work without supervision and to make decisions affecting their own work. The training will cover a wider range of activities than at NVQ level 1, some of which will be non-routine and complex in nature.

Gold CSCS CardA level 3 NVQ Construction NVQ is intended for supervisors and technicians. This NVQ level is often considered to provide a link between the lower NVQ levels that do the work and the higher NVQ levels that manage and oversee the work.

Holders of the level 3 Construction NVQ qualification are expected to take responsibility for others as well as their own work. Consequently, it provides training on many complex and non-routine activities.

Higher Construction NVQ Levels

Black CSCS CardThe Level 4 or higher Construction NVQ is aimed at managers and professionals who allocate work and are responsible for others. It therefore deals with a wide range of complex technical activities. Level 5 and 6 NVQ is for senior managers and professionals who are able to manage contracts through all phases. Holders will understand the fundamental principles involved and can deal with unpredictable events.

With a level 4 or higher NVQ, you will not only be able to take on supervisory and management positions, you may also be able to satisfy requirements for membership of certain professional bodies. So Construction NVQ can really provide your route to the top.

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