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Your Journey through the SKILLcards

SKILLcardIf you have an occupation in engineering services within the construction industry, you’re probably better getting a SKILLcard rather than a standard CSCS card. This will allow access to a construction site and provide all the benefits of a CSCS card but, since a SKILLcard is more aligned with your job, it will provide training and qualifications that are more relevant. Before applying for a SKILLcard, however, you need to select the correct card and there are plenty of choices.

SKILLcard Options

As with any CSCS and affiliated cards, there are various SKILLcard options that cover different roles, from trainees through operatives with various skill levels to supervisors and managers as well as site visitors. However, because of the wide range of engineering jobs that are available, there are different SKILLcard types depending on the type of job you do. Selecting the right job is pretty important because it determines the type of SKILLcard for which you’re eligible, which in turn indicates what qualifications you need and the level of Health, Safety & Environment Test you have to take.

SKILLcard occupations are organised by category — craft and operative, supervisory, management and professional, and construction related occupations — with the former having by far the greatest number of occupations. If you’re a Commissioning Engineer, for example, you may be eligible for a blue SKILLcard as a crafts person or an experienced worker, or a gold SKILLcard as a supervisor.

An apprentice or trainee, however, can only have a red SKILLcard unless NVQ or SVQ level 2 has been attained, in which case a blue SKILLcard is available. There are also separate SKILLcards provided by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB), which operates a joint registration scheme with Engineering Services for those in relevant occupations.

CSCS TestThere are plenty of options so you need to take your time to make sure you make the correct choice of SKILLcard, if you are unsure then feel free to contact our experts on 0203 051 1004 and they will be happy to assist you.

SKILLcard Health, Safety & Environment Test

CSCS TestAll SKILLcards require the applicant to pass the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test, however, there are separate tests for plumbers, ductwork installers and similar occupations that reflect the particular skills and knowledge needed. Different roles and levels of SKILLcard also require specific qualifications, which will generally be certain Construction NVQ or SVQ levels.

All SKILLcards have an expiry date and you will need to take the relevant Health, Safety and Environment Test again to renew. You may also move up to another SKILLcard if you have changed your role or gained further qualifications.

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