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Types of Roofing CSCS Card

Red Roofing CSCS CardRed Roofing CSCS Card
The Red Roofing CSCS Card shows that you have not yet passed a Roofing NVQ but that you are enrolled in one.

Green Roofing CSCS CardGreen Roofing CSCS Card
To hold the Green Roofing CSCS Card you must have an NVQ at Level 1.

Blue Roofing CSCS CardBlue Roofing CSCS Card
The Blue Roofing CSCS Card is for carpenters who have an NVQ at Level 2.

Gold Roofing CSCS CardGold Roofing CSCS Card
The Gold Roofing CSCS Card is designed for individual with an NVQ at Level 3.

Black Roofing CSCS CardBlack Roofing CSCS Card
To hold a Black Roofing CSCS Card you must have an NVQ at at least Level 4.

Who needs a Roofing CSCS Card?

All individuals who work as roofers need a CSCS Card.

How do I apply for a Roofing CSCS Card?

CSCS TestTo apply for your CSCS Card simply fill out the form at the top of the page or call one of our team on 0203 051 1004.

I need a better CSCS Card how do I get one?

To get a better CSCS Card you must qualify by taking a Roofing NVQ. Apply for your Roofing NVQ today and get on the track to a new CSCS Card.

Apply for a CSCS Test & Roofing CSCS Card Online

To apply by phone or for more information call us free on 0800 012 4125 or 0203 051 1004 if you are on a mobile, Mon-Fri between 8am to 6pm or you can request a call back.

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